Summer is here and with hot sunny days right around the corner, why not kick it off with a fun activity while you’re at the park? Enter Barko!

Barko is just regular bingo, but for things you see and experience at the dog park. Pick up a Barko card from the folder in the mailbox and check off as many boxes as you can! Once you’ve got a Barko, or a full black out if you want to try for that, turn in your card in any of the following ways:

  • Text a photo to (844) 751-6691
  • Post it to the Facebook group or tag @jcdogpark on Instagram
  • E-mail it to
  • Hand it in to a board member in person

Every line of Barko will get you 1 entry into a raffle and a full black out will get you 15 entries. Barko is running all summer so winners won’t be drawn until the end of August. That gives you three months to rack up as many Barkos as you can!

Donate Now!

For playing Barko, we are requesting a minimum, tax deductible donation of $10 per person to participate. It will help us fence off our park expansion and add further enrichment activities for you and your pooch. With a donation of $50 or more you will receive a free customized brick for the sidewalk inside the park.