Wearing Dogs out since 2006!

Located inside Willow Springs Park, just off of Huffine Road, we are a member-run and park. Our dog park is an enclosed area for dogs to play and run without the restraint of a leash. The park is a place for people and their dogs to socialize with one another.

Johnson City’s Members Only Park

Key Card Access

Members receive a magnetic key card, keeping access to only those members and dogs who have been approved.

Open to all sizes

Large or small, the dog park has room for everyone. There is a small dog area at the top of the park, reserved for our smaller and younger members.

Leash free fun

Unleash in the double gate area and have some fun. For everyone’s safety, we don’t allow any dogs on a leash in the park.

Support the Dog Park

Order Brick Pavers

Would you like to purchase a brick paver to honor your pet?

A 4×8” brick paver, with clip art, may be purchased for $35.00.

An 8×8” brick paver, with clip art, may be purchased for $100.00.

Shop the store

We have some great human gear and dog toys & accessories for purchase.

Be sure to add a donation to the dog park at checkout!