Friends of the Johnson City Dog Park Association, Inc.

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Current on Vaccinations
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“Wearing dogs out since 2006!”

Order Brick Pavers Online!

Would you like to purchase a brick paver to honor your pet? Please visit our donor website at Polar Engraving. Brick pavers may be ordered at:

When visiting the website, place your mouse over the clip art box and scroll through the various amount of clip art you can add to your brick. A 4x8” brick paver, with clip art may be purchased for $35.00. An 8x8” brick paver, with clip art may be purchased for $100.00.

The Johnson City, Tennessee Dog Park is located in Willow Springs Park, just off of Huffine Road. Our dog park is an enclosed area for dogs to play and run without the restraint of a leash. The park is a place for people and their dogs to socialize with one another. If you are not a member already, click the link below and Bundy will show you how to join today!

The Johnson City Dog Park is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We thought this might be a good way for the members to share stories, photos and get to know one another.

Click on Skippy and you will be sent to our Social Media page. Or you may click on the Facebook link to be sent directly to our Facebook group.

It is often forgotten that the dog park is a completely member run and operated park. We are all volunteers. The dog park has no paid staff. Please be patient when submitting applications.

If you would like to volunteer with the dog park please send an email to: